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About Our Business

We started our store in 1997, twenty three years on we continue to blend fragrances of exceptional quality.

All our perfume compounds are A grade and are imported from some of the most respected perfume factories in France and Europe.

Our generic fragrances are elegantly presented without expensive endorsements and international advertising costs.

We believe that you wear your scent and not the bottle.

Our proposition is to provide exceptional unequalled quality at the best price to our thousands of loyal customers.

Over the years we have created an income for many people (resellers) through our products

And we continue to do so.

All our fragrances are oil based they will last more than 8 hours on your skin.

On clothing the scent can last for week’s even months.

It is just not about how long a fragrance lasts but about how identical it smells to the originals.

One’s body chemistry can also affect the way a fragrance may smell. Therefore two different people wearing the same fragrance from the same bottle may smell different.

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